Building a Rule of Life

taught by Daniel Johnson
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Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson

About the Instructor


I'm Daniel Johnson and welcome to my commentaries on Aristotle.

I have loved the wisdom and simplicity of Aristotle's thought ever since I got a copy of his Poetics for Christmas when I was 14. At that time I was attending an all boys boarding school which offered a philosophy course junior year. It was during this course that I received a full dose of Aristotle's teaching through Daniel J. Sullivan's books An Introduction to Philosophy. That year the school took the Junior class to Rome and I began what would become a life long tradition, reading a book which I know I should read but never would unless I was trapped on a plane for more than six hours. So I read Aristotle's Politics. Once I went to college I was introduced to St Thomas Aquinas' numerous commentaries on Aristotle and it is from these that I derive much of my inspiration for the videos in this course. After college I spent six years in a Praemonstratensian monastery which adopted these very commentaries for their philosophical formation. Since then I have had the pleasure of teaching Aristotle's thought, as presented by St Thomas Aquians, to several classes of high school students. I hope you enjoy these courses and look forward to your participation in the various forums.

God Bless and remember, the soul is dyed with the color of its thought!

In this course we will build the resolutions and tools necessary for you to engage in each and every day exactly the way you want to. 

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